My Small Business Story

Spreading love, one meaningful gift at a time...

In Feb 2018 I launched a shop named Rosemary Press Knits on Etsy. I began with various listings, but it wasn't until August 2018 when my Class Knit Baby Hat and my Classic Knit Baby Santa Hat became bestsellers on Etsy, I could not believe it! Since then, my small business has grown organically and I'm so proud to say that in January 2023, I made a home for Rosemary Press Co. at! I took a leap of faith and expanded from making classic handmade knit hats to offering a selection of classic embroidered personalized gifts for women and baby!

Originally from San Diego, CA, I moved to Sacramento, CA in 2016 and lived there six years before coming back home! Moving to northern California inspired me to put my 10 years of knitting experience to great use in the colder climate! 

What I pride myself most on, in my small business, is that the continued growth has been built on the trust of amazing repeat customers, word-of-mouth-sharing and producing the highest quality handmade products from my home to yours, made with 100% love!

My small business has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life for others. Incredible customers who keep me inspired - from mothers, grandmothers, best friends, aunts/uncles and loving husbands - I am blessed to do something that so many love and cherish!

Lulu Trujillo, Owner
Rosemary Press Co.